Always Going for it on 4th Down

Convention explains most of the things most people do.  We do it because it is done that way.  Nowhere is this more true than in business.  Of course, all the value in any business is created by doing things that others don't (and even better, won't) do.  A clean, fast search page.  A programmable touchscreen.  A super caffeinated drink.  A frictionless cab.  Every successful business has their bucked convention. The trick in any business is figuring out where to copy and where to set out on your own.  But, bucking convention is hard and risky.  And everyone tells you why you should not do it.  The world's gravity pulls to the mean.  

I love finding people that take on the most sacred of conventions.  Those that have a serious aversion to the mean.  I hope to put forward a few of those ideas here myself.  

Nothing demonstrates this idea better than the following video of the coach who goes for it on every 4th down (even on his own 5 yard line) and on-side kicks on every kick off.  Why does he do it?  Because it works.  Statistically and in reality.  Why don't others?  Because it is not done that way.  

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